Kidnap and Ransom Insurance – Whats Covered

Kidnap and ransom insurance Is not restricted to covering just ransom payments or the cost of a negotiator. A Kidnap and Ransom policy will often include security consultation and advice for the business and personnel concerned. It might also include cover for money paid to an informant, the cost of crisis management and support for the family, legal liabilities, interpretive and forensic services, reward money or loss of ransom in transit.

When the kidnapping situation has been resolved kidnap and ransom insurance can provided help with medical service and emergency evacuation, rehabilitation for the victim and family counseling for the relatives. If the worst happens then there will often be an accidental death benefit cover too.

For further information about Kidnap and Ransom Insurance please call K&R Expert on 01825 745 410 or find out more on our kidnapping insurance page.

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