Kidnap and Ransom Insurance – Crisis Response

Many people buy kidnap and ransom insurance purely because they want protection for the themselves or their business in the event that a ransom has to be paid. However one of the most vital elements of cover is the crisis response cover. The Crisis management cover goes to the heart of a kidnap and ransom policy because it is here where the response to the ransom demand will be managed. This is the part of the policy which will determine who will advise the family or business and assess the situation and risk.

It is of paramount importance to ensure that the crisis management team are both experienced in handling incidents not just on a global scale, but also in the local political environment. All insurers vary in their response to kidnap and ransom claims. Some insurers have retained or in house advisors, others use the services of outside contractors. It maybe that a situation will need a blend of expertise from forensic and investigation services to anti terrorist and hostage negotiation.

When taking out Kidnap insurance it is important to understand what assistance will be provided in the event of an outrage and how this will work for your business and the individuals involved.

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