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In today’s rapidly globalizing world, business is conducted on an international scale. Travel is easier and more affordable than ever, mobile technology connects us to every corner of the globe, and the Internet has created unprecedented opportunities for accessing foreign markets. Yet as geographical barriers diminish under the impetus of modern technology, more collisions between cultures also breed more opportunities for criminal exploitation. Sadly, kidnapping incidence is on the rise. Hostage-taking terrorists, pirates and organized crime groups are responsible for thousands of abductions every year; and ransom demands are often exorbitant.

So any business sending employees and their families into high-risk locations should insure itself against potential disaster. In the vast majority of cases, kidnapped victims are only released when ransoms are paid—meaning that the cost is often truly a matter of life-or-death.

While Latin America has historically been the most dangerous region for wealthy businesspeople to work in, today the risks are also particularly high in regions of Africa, the Middle East and Russia. Executives in the oil & gas, mining, telecom and financial industries are the most commonly targeted individuals—and in some cases their family members are also at significant risk simply by the facts of their living abroad and being associated with powerful corporations.

Why Choose KR Experts?

When security is a question, insurance is a must. At KR Experts, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality kidnapping, extortion, and ransom insurance in the industry. Our experienced team offers a bespoke solution for the particular needs of each client we work with, from high-profile individuals to major international corporations.

So when a crisis arises, our clients can take comfort in knowing that KR Experts have the resources to achieve the swiftest and safest victim release possible. We offer immediate response consultancy, coverage against extortion threats, crisis management services, and comprehensive kidnapping prevention advising.

The safety of employees is paramount for every organisation that does business on a global scale. And while abductions are unpredictable and extraordinarily dangerous, having the resources to pay ransom goes a long way toward mitigating risks. So KR Experts are committed to saving lives, reducing risks and giving peace of mind to those who work in volatile locations.

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